SMC Pneumatics

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  1. Actuators & Valves

    SMC offers a complete line of cylinder accessories including: Y-type & double knuckle joints; clevis, pivot & trunnion pins; I-type & single knuckle joints; rod end & mounting nuts; rod end caps; trunnion pivot brackets, clevis pivot... Read More

  2. Actuators & Valves

    Series MGF guide tables are low profile, compact cylinders which utilize a large concentric guiding sleeve to provide excellent eccentric load resistance. Mounting is possible from 2 directions. A built-in non-rotating mechanism prevents rotation of... Read More

  3. Actuators & Valves

    The MHW2 is ideal for applications where saving space is a necessity. In addition to its compact size, each one of the two fingers, synchronized by a rack and pinion, rotates back perpendicular to the gripper. In this position, the MHW2 will only... Read More

  4. Actuators & Valves

    Series SY offers major advances in valve performance for cost-effective solutions to your requirements. The series offers high flow with low power consumption in a compact design. The SY is available in body ported or base mounted styles and can be... Read More

  5. Actuators & Valves

    Combining compact cylinder size and rotational capability, the MK2 cylinder is designed for heavy duty clamping applications, with an available integrated arm that swings out of the way when the cylinder is extended. 90deg. clockwise or counter... Read More

  6. Actuators & Valves

    The floating joint series JA (standard) and JAH (heavy duty), can absorb any "off-centering" or "loss of parallel accuracy" between the cylinder and the driven body. Because of this, centering is unnecessary, installation time is drastically reduced... Read More

  7. Actuators & Valves

    Metric threads Crimped body style Non-rotation option available Auto switch capable

  8. Actuators & Valves

    The MHY2 is a compact 180-degree angular gripper. Its size and mass allow for small, lightweight tooling, while delivering large gripping forces via piston/cam design. The MHY2 gives you maximum installation flexibility with mounting options on 4... Read More

  9. Actuators & Valves

    The SYJ Valve is an innovative combination of space efficiency and performance superiority which provides real value to the design solution. Whether designed in a manifold or used as a single valve, this small profile increases design flexibility... Read More

  10. Actuators & Valves

    The MRHQ series is a rotary gripper suitable for holding and reversing work pieces on transfer lines. The compact integration of gripping and rotating functions eliminates the peripheral piping and wiring of the previous product (rotary table +... Read More