Norman G. Clark

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  1. General Industrial Suppliers

    For over two decades, Miner Elastomer Products Corporation (MEPC) has supplied the global industrial marketplace with quality manufactured TecsPak® thermoplastic elastomer energy management systems

  2. General Industrial Suppliers

    Nexen Group™ is a leading manufacturer of brakes, clutches, torque limiters, overload protection devices, and control systems for a variety of industrial applications in the packaging, machine tool, material handling, and automotive industries

  3. General Industrial Suppliers

    Reliable torque overload protection. The usage of ST model Torque Limiters minimizes machine downtimes as a result of a crash and ensures the availability and productivity of your machine

  4. General Products & Services

    Norman G. Clark  - Manufactured by Nexen, Eclipse servo brakes have more braking force making servo applications safer with at least 20-50% more torque than competitive brakes.

  5. General Products & Services

    We have designed and manufactured over 200 different styles to fit most printing presses, slitter/rewinders and a wide variety of other equipment. We will also design holders to meet your special needs.

  6. General Products & Services

    Centrifugal clutches and brakes are used when input and output side should be separated during a standstill and the output engagement should be speed-dependant.

  7. General Products & Services

    Norman G. Clark - Index Heavy-Duty Pressure Switches are ideal for a wide range of heavy vehicle and equipment applications where durability and reliability are crucial.

  8. General Products & Services

    Precise tension control is vital to any web- or strip-fed operation. The product - whether paper, plastics, metal strip, rubber sheet or wire - must be fed under tension, processed under tension and wound up again under tension

  9. General Products & Services

    Norman G. Clark - The Norman G Clark Tilt Switch is an innovative device which can be used either with a Flight Systems Engine Saver, or as a stand alone switch.

  10. General Products & Services

    Norman G. Clark - The Stark Expello Air Dryer/Purifier with its advanced micro-glass fibre technology provides an extremely effective, self cleaning, long life filter