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  1. Engineering

    Throw out that mop and bucket! Cleaning narrow spaces is now fast, hygenic and safer than ever before.

  2. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    More functionality for less

  3. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    Nilfisk CA/BA 340 and CA 340ET are the smart alternative to mopping. An automatic scrubber/dryer leaving your floors spotless.

  4. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    Reliability in daily performance

  5. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    This battery powered ride-on burnisher provides quiet and productive coverage of large hard floor areas, such as airport terminals, shopping centres and hospitals.

  6. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    The right answer for easy, efficient floor cleaning

  7. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    The Nilfisk BR 1100S/1300S scrubber/dryer has the most scrub options of any machine in the class.

  8. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    Productive Cleaning in every detail The SC500 is designed to provide easy, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable cleaning solutions. Ideal for sports centres, hospitals, offices, supermarkets and hotels.

  9. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    Nilfisk BR 850S/950S/1050S are ideal for heavy commercial applications such as shopping malls and airport terminals, as well as for industrial uses such as warehouses and loading bay areas.

  10. Cleaning Equipment & Services

    A revolution in floor scrubbing The remarkable Adfinity X20R is the first and only floor scrubber that scrubs with distinct orbital and rotational motions, leaving floors with a perfectl scrubbed surface without swirl marks.