Modular Components & Automation

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  1. Automation and Warehousing

    Positioning Set 8 40 is used for setting predefined positions. It is ideal for precise positional adjustment of feed devices, measurement attachments, proximity switches and devices on manual work benches.

  2. Conveyors & Conveying Systems

    Designed by Item, the roller conveyor fills the gap for interlinking workbenches with a simple, interlocking roller conveyor system. The base can be fitted with rollers, balls, brushes or slide strips. .

  3. General Products & Services

    The Standard Fastener enables right-angled, power-locking profile connections with high-strength and minimal processing. Modular Components & Automation are the proud distributors of ITEM Aluminium Systems Australia wide. .

  4. General Products & Services

    T-Slot Nuts are fastening elements for securing components to the profile groove with particular ease. When locked in the groove, this produces a fixed thread. .

  5. General Products & Services

    Timing Belt Drives are particularly suitable for high speeds and extended stroke lengths. They come in a range of sizes, with flexible and heavy duty timing belts of different widths and pulley diameters. .

  6. General Products & Services

    The component nature of our product means trolleys can be developed to suit specific purposes and shapes, catering to practically any space and load capacity requirements

  7. General Products & Services

    Universal Fasteners are suitable for profiles which may need to be moved at a later date, since only one profile is processed. These Fastening Sets can be installed easily into existing constructions.

  8. General Products & Services

    From simple standard benches to special solutions to meet specific requirements, our products provide the ideal basis for constructing state-of-the-art work benches.

  9. General Products & Services

    For power-lock connection without machining, for reinforcing profile connections or for fastening a range of components to profiles, angle brackets are ideal. Modular Components & Automation are the proud distributors of ITEM Aluminium Systems.

  10. General Products & Services

    Bearing Units enable components to move in a linear motion. They are used in conjunction with a carriage plate for the sliding carriages, and can be driven for automation equipment or built as a slide for manual adjustment.