Materials Handling Pty Ltd

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  1. Handi-Stand Mobile Work Platform
    Elevated Work Platforms

    It's a ladder, step ladder, a work bench & a work platform providing a comfortable & safe 3.3m working reach.

  2. Aaerated Eye & Face Wash Units
    Eye & Face Protection

    The eye & face wash units are engineered to provide a fast low velocity first aid curtain of aerated water that washes eye & face contours gently.

  3. Safety Crane Cage
    Fall Protection & Height Safety

    Designed strictly in accordance with AS1418.17 the crane cage is designed for a maximum of two people.

  4. Vacuum Packers
    Food Packaging & Labelling

    The hygienic and appealing way to pack meat, fish, ground coffee and delicatessen products.

  5. Forklift Jib Attachments: Slip On Jibs
    Forklift Equipment & Accessories

    A Great Range Of Slip Ons So That You Don't Slip Up! These slip-on attachments instantly convert a forklift into a small crane for handling those delicate or irregularly shaped goods.

  6. Forklift Mezzanine/Goods Cage
    Forklift Equipment & Accessories

    Storage and transport cage suitable for furniture and whitegoods.

  7. Forklift Mounted Cubic Bin Tippers
    Forklift Equipment & Accessories

    Easy to operate, Quick & easy attachment & removal from forklift

  8. Tine Extensions / Fork Slippers
    Forklift Equipment & Accessories

    Simple sleeve or slipper slides over each forklift blade, effectively extending them up to 2400mm in length.

  9. Forklift Mounted Sweeper
    Forklift Equipment & Accessories

    Operating costs are a fraction of conventional sweepers. The Cherry Sweeper sweeps large areas completing normally labour intensive cleaning tasks faster (7500sq.metres/ hour) and easier than ever.

  10. Forward Bin Tipper
    Forklift Equipment & Accessories

    Suitable for swift & controlled emptying of containers such as “Chep Palecons”, IBC’s, plastic containers & pallet cages.