Colonial Weighing Australia

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  1. Heavy industrial scales; Silo

    Model: TRUCKER AXLE SCALE Capacity:

  2. Heavy industrial scales; Silo

    Model: TRUCKMATE 2t Capacity: 2t Wheel

  3. Heavy industrial scales; Silo

    Model: TRUCKMATE PORTABLE AXLE SCALE Capacity: up to 40t Wheel

  4. Hospital

    Model: CWA BS Digital Bed SCALE Capacity: 200kg x 100g

  5. Hospital

    Model: CWA BS20 BABY SCALE Capacity: 20kg x 0.01kg > Dimensions: 63.4 x 39.3 x 9.2cm > Shape: Rectangular as a Whole Plate> Auto Off: Get Done When Zero Loading or No Digit    Change in Display Lasts 60 Seconds

  6. Hospital

    Model: CWA-120 HEALTH DIAL SCALE Capacity: 120kg x 0.05kg > Dial Size: 165mm 190mm 216mm 254mm> User Friendly> Easy To Read Dial Scale> Durable vinyl platform> Height rod

  7. Hospital

    Model: CWA-BS 4-IN-1 BED SCALE Capacity: 600kg x 200g > Dimension: 1850mm x 1250mm x 15mm(H)-(useable space)   1900mm x 1300mm-(overall size)> Any Size Bed Can be Weighed

  8. Hospital

    Model: CWA-DPS 200 (Weight & Height) Capacity: 200kg x 100g > Platform size: 870 x 560 x 1070mm > Height of scale: 920mm > Digital Display> User Friendly

  9. Hospital

    Model: DT604 DOCTORS SCALE Capacity: 160kg x 100g > Large 180mm Dial > Large Foot Room > 5 x Coloured Target Weight Markers > Non Slip Vinyl Mat, Bold Digits > Perspex Dial Cover

  10. Hospital

    Heavy Weight Series