Ceramic Oxide Fabricators Australia

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  1. General Industrial Suppliers

    Multibore insulators and small tubes available up to 1400 mm long. All other cross-sections available up to 1200 mm long. Other sizes are possible, including non-circular sections.

  2. General Industrial Suppliers

    Hot face insulation up to 1800°C High alumina content for vacuum or reducing atmospheres High dimensional stability

  3. General Industrial Suppliers

    Hot face insulation to 1400°C Economical back-up for higher temperature insulation Low thermal mass Thermal shock resistant Available as blanket, mat or bulk fiber

  4. General Industrial Suppliers

    Good mechanical strength up to 1240°C Not wetted by non-ferrous metals Easily machined to complex shapes

  5. General Industrial Suppliers

    Can be used up to 2200°C Low thermal conductivity at ultra high temperatures Resistant to chemical attack Thermal shock resistant

  6. General Industrial Suppliers

    Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA) is high purity alumina mixed with zirconia, making a tougher, stronger material. Zirconia Toughened Alumina:

  7. General Industrial Suppliers

    Smooth Hard wearing Precision made

  8. General Industrial Suppliers

    Smooth - 0.2 micron Ra. Hard wearing - similar hardness to tungsten carbide. Precison made - cylindricity of 20 microns over 500 mm

  9. General Industrial Suppliers

    Selection of microcrucibles at the point of a biro. D84-W, with lid, suitable for Netzsch Jupiter STA/DSC. The lid is 0.5 mm thick, with a central hole 0.3 mm diameter. It weighs under 80 mg.

  10. General Industrial Suppliers

    With MACOR® Machinable Glass Ceramic, fabrication is fast - because it can be machined into complicated shapes and precision parts with ordinary metal working tools, quickly and inexpensively, and it requires no firing after machining.