CBC Bearings

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  1. Adhesives

    Natural lubricants and protective coatings as seen on ABC's Landline! For a better environment!

  2. Adhesives

    Loctite Corporation leads the world in the development and manufacture of specialist adhesives and sealants used in manufacturing, maintenance and repair operations. .

  3. Adhesives

    The new generation of long-term lubricators for grease and oil already in use worldwide in millions of applications.

  4. Bearings and Acessories

    CBC Kits department, located at the head office Kingsgrove makes  an extensive range of the following kits. Kits can be made to specific customer requirements.

  5. Bearings and Acessories

    Durahub© Bearing Protectors provide trailer owners with an effective protection system for the wheel bearing assembly. The patented durahub oil bath system extends the life of your trailer bearings and reduces maintenance. Features:

  6. Bearings and Acessories

    The Ultimate in wheel bearing protection. Makes wheels safely submersible. Keeps water and dirt out of wheel hubs. Ends bearing repacking. Sizes to fit all. Easy 10 minute installation. Quality construction.

  7. Bearings and Acessories

    In order to provide complete bearing coverage to both  Australian industry and international mining sites, CBC formed the Transmission Bearing Company (TBC) in the late 1960’s and commenced the manufacture of bearing housings.

  8. Bearings and Acessories

    Fraser specialises in the production and supply of continuous and centrifugally forced-cast bronze alloys, hollow brass alloy extrusions and precision machine components.  Bronze alloys cast include

  9. Bearings and Acessories

    C.B.C. supplies a complete range of anti-friction solutions for the heavy automotive and trucking industries including; tapered, spherical & cylindrical roller bearings including ISO class metric bearings

  10. Bearings and Acessories

    Available in types  Chrome  Stainless  Carbon  Bronze   Plastic and other non metallic types   Sizes ranging from  1mm - 80mm  1/16" - 3-1/2"