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  1. Networking Hardware

    Copper SystemsWhat constitutes a system?

  2. Networking Hardware

    Any combination of the following hot-swappable media modules may be used to attain thedesired port density/type on a MICE switch. The only restriction is the number of slots that the MICE has (one media module/ slot). The Maximum Module Density•... Read More

  3. Networking Hardware

    The FiberExpress® System offers both field-installable and epoxy field-mountable connectors:

  4. Networking Hardware

    Belden's 50 Ohm RF cables provide best-in-class transmission performance and superior EMI/RFI shielding for greater noise reduction. They are ruggedly constructed and designed to be flexible for easy installation and routing. Features include:... Read More

  5. Networking Hardware

    For module-to-module cabling or connecting individual solar panels, SunCon makes quick and easy connections for photovoltaic equipment that must withstand all weather conditions. This ensures practically maintenance free, highly reliable, efficient... Read More

  6. Networking Hardware

    Belden microphone cable is used for connecting low level microphones. Key properties of microphone (MIC) cables are ruggedness, flexibility, flex life and interference immunity.Low impedance MIC cables use balanced 2-, 3- or 4-conductor (quad)... Read More

  7. Networking Hardware

    A number of products are available for the Cross-Connect, including: FiberExpress® Ultra Patch Panel System - This system offers users ultra high density coupled with ultra-easy installation and maintenance, and ultra manageability. It integrates... Read More

  8. Networking Hardware

    The 75 Ohm CATV offering includes trunk, distribution, drop and headend cables. The distribution and drop coaxes feature Belden's innovative, high-performance Duobond Plus® shielding and/or Belden's Duobond® II shield. Offering longer life... Read More

  9. Networking Hardware

    The Belden IBDN system 1200 installations provide the additional throughput and enhanced error-free performance needed to support high-traffic and high-bit-rate applications. It delivers 160 MHz of user bandwidth as well as support for data rates... Read More

  10. Networking Hardware

    These cables offer dry constructions with semi-tight or tight buffer technology for easier fiber stripping during cable preparation. They are perfect for both indoor and indoor/outdoor use.