Top silicone solutions from Jehbco


Silicone is a quality, long lasting product that is ideal for a variety of industries. 

Its properties are second to none, with a wide temperature range of -40„aC to +250„aC continuous. 

The product is UV stable and non-toxic.

Silicone has an FDA approval, which makes it an acceptable food grade product.

If you’re looking for a solution to your silicone sealing needs, Jehbco has the answer – whether standard o/rings or custom made seals. 

The company offers more than 2000 extruded shapes, including solid silicone in a variety of hardness, ranging from 25 shore A up to 80 shore A. This can be joined into almost any cut-length for your seal and o/ring requirement.

Other silicone products available include silicone sponge. It is a soft but durable product, mainly used in the lighting industry. The material will take up those uneven gaps that a solid silicone cannot and still retains the same characteristics of its solid counterpart.  The sponge can be made into varying profile shapes or o-rings and joined at your required length.

Flame retardant o-rings are also available. With government regulations becoming more stringent, the need for self-extinguishing products around fire doors and in highly flammable situations is becoming more apparent. This product is easily made into your seal requirement by the addition of a powder that makes the silicone flashpoint go beyond 500„aC.

Jehbco boasts many years of expertise with its fabrication department. 

The company produces a variety of items for the lighting, food, medical and engineering industries – pneumatic seals, cut washers and corner joins to name a few. Valves and connectors are also available. 

Jehbco uses a heat press vulcanisation process to give the seal a strong bond, which gives flexibility when joining different cut-lengths. Certain o/rings can also be moulded to suit any need.

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