It’s no secret that when it comes to health and fitness, manufacturing workers have an extremely poor track record.

Recent studies have found that many manufacturing workers are overweight and have damaging health habits including drinking and smoking.

This means they have a high risk of developing serious and possible life threatening illnesses including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hip and knee problems, back pain and depression.

So it’s great to see a new health initiative to help tackle this alarming problem.

Dual Commonwealth Games gold medallist Jane Flemming and Amanda King, a former advertising senior executive, have launched a new outdoor fitness program for workers called Live Life - Get Active.

Basically, it’s a free lunchtime program designed to get workers up from their desks and chairs – and get them moving outside in the fresh air.

Research has proven that daytime activity like this keeps workers mentally alert – a must for workers who operate heavy machinery.

The program is winning strong support from businesses throughout Australia as well as local government.

Live Life Get Active runs weekday camps at nearly 30 locations across Australia and each program runs for 40 weeks.

Jane hopes to have 100 and 150 outdoor fitness camps running by the end of the year, with an ultimate goal to set up 5,000 within the next four years.

The fitness classes are open to anyone 18 years or over and cater for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. The five-day program includes cross training, boxing and yoga.  

As an added bonus participants in all camps are given a free nutritional plan prepared by leading nutritional consultant Dr Joanna McMillan.

We applaud the sponsors and local government organisations supporting this innovative program.

This includes, a leading supplier of tools and workplace safety equipment and accessories, which comes under the vast umbrella of the Blackwoods group of companies.

We encourage industry workers to take advantage of free classes in their local area.

Employers can also get behind the program by sponsoring a camp for workers who don’t have access to one of the existing camps.

So what are you waiting for? It’s a fun way to shed those unwanted winter kilos.

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