Apex Dynamics in the box seat


Apex Dynamics entered the gearbox market in 2000 when the planetary gearbox market was largely controlled by a handful of major manufacturers.

At that time Apex Dynamics specialized in gearboxes for the manufacture of robots.

So they had firsthand knowledge of the problems associated – such as high cost, long deliveries and a warranty span insufficient to cover customer requirements.

This led the company to make a replacement for the gearboxes, mainly to gain better control over their robot design and manufacturing schedule.

The new gearboxes were designed with equal or higher specification than the original gearboxes.

The package mounting details had to be the same so they could incorporate them into existing robot designs. These were offered to existing customers who had a gearbox failure.

They would then just “drop” the new unit into the place of the existing gearbox without any modification, hence the term “drop in replacement.”

Determined to improve on existing technology Apex Dynamics engineers incorporated unique features into the new gearboxes, including single piece stainless steel construction. They also featured patented input and output sealing systems that eliminate breakaway torque while decreasing friction and wear of sealing surfaces. In addition, they offer a patented planet carrier design that positions the sun gear directly into the planet carrier while reducing gear misalignment.

Gearboxes are lubricated with synthetic gear grease never requiring changing or top ups.

Apex Dynamics built batches of components and shelved them so that only assembly was required when an order was received. This was a more economical method of manufacture and resulted in much faster deliveries.

The first planetary gearbox model became known as the AB-Series. With its deliveries being less than half the time from the major suppliers and less expensive as well, its sales took off and allowed Apex Dynamics to grow rapidly to become major global planetary gearbox supplier.

Today Apex Dynamics offers nine different series of gearboxes all built with the same philosophy and distributed all over the world.

Apex Dynamics Australia
Ph: 03 9585 2739

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